Careers in Online Reputation Management

Companies are increasingly realizing the importance of brand reputation, and this means growth for the online reputation management industry. Monitoring and managing a brands image has become a much more time-consuming job, with the advancement of technology and social media.

Today’s online consumers have a substantial hold on brands. Whether small and medium-sized businesses or large corporations, the power of social media and online reviews have created a notable shift in power to shoppers when it comes to brand reputations. Customers opinions are now powerful enough to make or break companies through online reviews and feedback. Successful companies realize that failure to engage in reputation management can be devastating for brands, regardless of their company’s size.

According to Economist Intelligence Unit, reputation risk is the greatest risk facing global companies, with as much as 75% of a company’s value based on reputationi. With the importance of online reputation, there is an increased demand for reputation management specialists. For those interested in this industry, there are a number of ways to enter the field.

The following is a list of areas in demand for reputation management firms.

Public Relations:
Public relations specialists are always in high demand in the online reputation management industry. PR specialists create and maintain a positive public image on behalf of companies, crafting media releases and developing social media plans to increase awareness for organizations.

Social Media Experts:
Social media experts are a hot commodity when it comes to reputation management. Their main duty is to create content on behalf of companies utilizing SEO practices, and increasing their online status and reputations.

Operations Consultants:
Operations consultants are always needed for reputation management companies who exclusively specialize in online reputation management. They often come from a legal background and knowledgeable of the online world. Operation consultants handle the details of each clients case.


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